At Smallcakes, we love supporting local schools and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to help your organization exceed its fundraising goal. We offer two ways to help you raise funds for your organization or charity: Spirit Nights and Cupcake Pre-sells.

1. Book Date

Fill out form below to reserve your event date

2. Promote

Spread the word by sharing with your supporters

3. Collect

We'll have a check ready in one week for your organization

1. Order Form

2. Sell

Share with family and friends, submit final order form with payment

3. Deliver

Receive order on desired pickup date and deliver to your orders

Spirit Nights (Days)

Treat your supporters to  cupcakes and ice cream by having a Spirit Night at Smallcakes. Spirit Nights can be booked for Monday-Thursday from 12pm-8pm. We'll donate 20% of TOTAL sales to your organization. Spirit Nights must be booked least 2 week prior to the event date.

Cupcake Pre-Sell

Raise funds by selling our exclusive cupcake packages. Use the Pre-Sell order form to keep track of your donations.  Once your fundraising activity closes, tally up your orders and deliver cupcakes to your supporters. Orders must be placed 2 weeks prior to pickup date.

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